Balena Etcher: Expectations vs. Reality


Newly Hatched
Etcher is a bootable software which permits a flash drive to ultimately become a bootable disk that can store multiple complex files like operating systems, databases, and compact information. This all seems very impossible considering you could fit all this data into a single flash drive, but with applications like Etcher, it is really capable so. Etcher is just one of many bootable USB software that could help create a system which enables one chip or flash drive to become a chance that transcends what a USB flash drive is designed to be. With a simple interface and plenty of tools, it works wonders for consumers of all types.

Currently, the following versions are available:

  • Balena Etcher Windows (x86|x64) (Installer)
  • Balena Etcher Windows (x86|x64) (Portable)
  • Balena Etcher Linux x64 (64-bit) (AppImage)
  • Balena Etcher Linux x86 (32-bit) (AppImage)
  • Balena Etcher macOS DMG (x86|x64)