Blamo's injury *Graphic pics*


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Just wanted to share this.

Blamo, one of my dear little GLW hens got hurt! I'm not sure how, but once the other chickens saw blood I guess they started pecking. :( When I went out today to give my girls water I noticed blood all over their waterer. I was very alarmed and started looking at all my chickens and saw that blamo was bleeding on her neck and wattle!
Long story short: She is now cleaned up and in the basement in her "recovery bed" and is being completely pampered/spoiled. These pictures are from BEFORE I cleaned her up:



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Aw poor girl! She should make a full recovery. You did the right thing by cleaning her up and separating her.
Chickens are attracted to red and will peck at it.


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I think she's doing pretty good. Maybe a bit stressed because she laid a soft shelled egg plus a white ringed egg. (Why two?)


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Sounds like she is stressed. Sometimes they will lay two eggs if one moves through the reproductive tract too fast. This usually results in one of the eggs being soft.