Hello! My name is Kazan


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Good morning, lovelies :) I just found this website, and love how small and easy to navigate it is. I thought I'd join and hopefully make some friends as well as share some of my knowledge about poultry health and medicine. I'll use the handy template that was provided for me lol.

1. What breeds/species of poultry do you have?
I currently don't own much poultry after suffering a lot of predator losses and having to downsize for winter :( I used to own a flock of ducks, for entertainment mostly. I hope to get some more someday. As it is, I currently have in my coops some older gals leftover from my breeding days :giggle: Just 3 cream Legbar ladies who are currently not laying.

2. How long have you been keeping poultry, and why did you start keeping them?
I've been keeping poultry since I was a young kid, but it wasn't until 10 years ago that I really got into it on my own. I bred for backyard layers, mostly. I started keeping them because I enjoy the relief from everyday life that chickens and ducks bring and I like to put effort into something if I'm going to reap the reward be that money, chicks or eggs.

3. What purpose do your poultry serve, and do you have future plans for them?
Back in the day, my birds were pets first and breeders second. Today, they are happy aging pets. I don't have any solid future plans for my poultry. Maybe eventually I get a few more pullets to pick up egg production.

4. Do you have a favorite bird, or favorite memory of your poultry?
Psssshhhhh YES but don't tell my other chickens that! :LOL: My favorite was my little golden Sebright hen, Kazan, whom I named my account after. She was a charming thing and a broody queen. The picture in my avatar isn't of her. But the avatar is a good representation.

5. What other animals, if any, do you own? What are your hobbies?
I don't have any other animals that I own, sadly. My hobbies include watching Netflix, caring for my birds, taking road trips and generally enjoying life

6. What brought you here?
The internet. Facebook, specifically. I saw the page pop up on my feed and I thought I'd check it out.

7. What is the best piece of advice that you've ever been given?
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take


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Hello! :) Welcome to AllThingsPoultry!
I'm sure you'll like it here! 😁 Make friends, have fun, and share information/ask questions!
Even though this forum is just starting out, it already has over 50 members!
Thanks for joining!
- Clucky


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Hello and welcome to AllThingsPoultry! :)
We certainly look forward to seeing you around. Things are quiet and slow here, but we think it works well that way ;)